Welcome to the ariston page for the Joomla-Virtuemart web tools Integration Apps for e-shops.  These free ACS Web Business Tools for Joomla and VirtueMart by ariston consulting have been created to make your lives easier.  

Users of these Apps are e-shops which want to automate and precisely calculate each shipping cost, based on specific locations, and the automatic creation and printing of PDF ACS Vouchers, thus adding speed and efficiencly to their personel, and effective services to ther clients.  

Specifically, we offer the following tools with respective functionalities:  

1.Address Validation and Store Locator

150x150 el anazitisi katastimatos v2     Limit the late deliveries which are due to incorrect or incomplete addresses. The system checks if the delivery address of your customer is correct and if not, instructs your customers to enter the information and details of their orders accurately. Also allows e-shop customers to Locate their nearest ACS service point.

 2. Order Tracking

 150x150 el anazitisi apostolis v2   Provide your customers the ability to track their shipments in your own website through the shipment code their order. Your customers will always be up to date with the progress of their shipments shipments. In this way you reduce the need for frequent calls to your Customer Care department and at the same time increase visits to your website.

3.Automatic PDF Voucher creation

 150x150 el apodiktiko apostolis v2   Gather all your orders, and using the application in the back office of your website, you can easily print all the vouchers of your orders yourself, along with the shipping list. Gain time and address accuracy, and give impetus to your employees who carry out your daily correspondence. No need for software installation or other equipment.

 4. Pricing Calculator

 150x150 el ipologismos kostous v2   You can customise your own shipping costs for your customers either according to the products they have selected or the choice of shipment conveyance. In this way, your customer will be certain and assured that there are no hidden charges. Your customer will be able to choose the preferable courier services according to their exact cost. Choose among COD payment or not, and add a hidden handling fee if you like.

More on ACS Web Business Tools and on www.acscourier.net/en/acs-web-services

To use these tools you must first be a client of ACS Courier and to have active and valid access codes. If you do not have these access codes please click here for the respective ACS page or just click on the following address  
https://www.acscourier.net/request-a-quote to make an application online.  

Click on each of the following titles or thumbnail to download from the respective page: 

  Joomla v1.5.X & VirtueMart 1.1.X     Joomla v2.5.X & VirtueMart 2.X  
150x150 en full package v1    150x150 en full package v2   

To place a ticket for free technical support please click here for the ACS Support Ticket System for Joomla / VM Web Tools.

If you would prefer the trained staff of ariston to perform the installation, customisation and fine-tuning of these tools please contact us for an offer. Click herer or call us on +30 210 9813843 & +30 697 6123500.


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