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Since December 2007 @riston consulting begins activity in the field of web site amelioration of its existing clients.

2008 was dedicated to these tasks, beginning with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which allows search engines to effectively locate each individual page, ranging to the customisation of the web site in multiple languages.

In February 2009  @riston consulting approached clients which had the need to increase their web site visitations. More specifically, this need arose for owners of e-shops.  Below is a case study from one of our most recent projects:

Djmania – Let the music play!

Client: - e-shop with professional audio equipment,
Target Audience: males, ages 15-45, in Greece, hobbyists and professional DJs
Campaign Duration: 3 months
to increase the web site's visitations.

Services offered:

1. Consulting services for the proper revamp and/or corrections of the existing web site including the use of keywords and SEF (Search Engine Friendly) URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) i.e. instead of  including the insertion in local Greek search engines.

2. Advertising services in  Facebook with the creation of a Djmania Fan Page and a targeted campaign for the users of Facebook.

3. Advertising services in Google with the use of Google AdWords and AdSense, increasing the successful rate of hits by internet shoppers worldwide. At the same time, a bidirectional advertising campaign was used increasing thus the availability of the e-shop.  Following this, an extension campaign was proposed with further Social Media, such as LinkedIn, mySpace, Twitter, Yahoo and others.

After the first month, the number of members on the Facebook fan page reached 2.000+ and the number of clicks in the new e-shop was over 6.000!In March of 2011 the member count reached 13.500 members!

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